Participant and Clinical Interactions

Carl Pepine

Dr. Carl Pepine, MD. Director of the Participant and Clinical Interactions Program

The major goals for the Participant and Clinical Interactions Program are to:

  1. Provide outstanding venues for conducting clinical research and clinical trials in pediatric and adult populations.
  2. Create a network of Clinical Research Units (CRUs) representing venues to facilitate and integrate broad spectrum POR.
  3. Ensure consistently high-quality research is conducted at CRUs through the Institute’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and its Regulatory Knowledge and Research Support Program.
  4. Establish procedural rules and milestones to evaluate resource utilization, research productivity and cost accountability.

These tasks will be undertaken by the SAC Executive Committee.

Major Accomplishments

Participant and Clinical Interactions Program designed and conducted a major needs assessment survey which gathered data supporting the urgent need for increased research resource development. This lent support for the UF Strategic Planning Cabinet to consider recommendations to expand a planned facility for the Institute on Aging, recently funded with a 15 million ARRA grant, and which will substantially create a true academic home for outpatient translational research.

Furthered innovative design and programming work for CRU access through the CTSI Web Portal to present unified and expanded CRU opportunities for researchers.

Incorporation of the ONCORE database system into the Cancer Research Unit with its ability to handle and report clinical trials information across various agencies and which will further collaborations with the Moffitt Cancer center enabling the development of common clinical trials, as well as the development of a common scientific review

Since the creation of the CRU network, research productivity has increased across some sites (Tuberculosis and Public Health; Jacksonville; Dental; Pain), as more protocols have been initiated and research projects have received funding.

The UF CRC provided expedited initiation of a time sensitive flu-vaccine study. Investigators from the Emerging Pathogen Institute, Drs. J. Glen Morris and Parker Small, approached the CTSI with a rough draft of a protocol. Five weeks later, after receiving expedited approval from the SAC and the IRB and receiving assistance from the RKRS teams and the UF CRC staff, the first patient was seen at the UF CRC.


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