Pilot and Collaborative Projects

Christopher Batich

Christopher Batich, Ph.D., Director, Pilot and Collaborative Projects Program

Carrying out research to improve patient care based on dependable data can be time consuming and expensive, as we all know. Often big projects need preliminary data to get started, or to secure larger support from a funding group such as the NIH, and this program is designed to generate such new data. In a similar way, new collaborations between experts at UF often lead to very productive projects, and we want to also promote these focused new meetings.

Each year the CTSI issues a “request for applications” (RFA) to support pilot projects within UF. A review panel of experts evaluates proposals on the basis of criteria which may vary a bit from year to year, but are consistently designed to improve patient care as a goal. Since 2008, we have awarded 86 pilot grants totaling $1,741,776 (see Pilot Project Awardees). The return on investment has been outstanding, both in terms of dollars generated from new proposals funded by national organizations, and also in terms of the great beginnings of new projects. It would be very nice to be able to fund more such projects, but we are limited at this time.

The RFAs are posted as news stories on the CTSI portal and are generally posted in the Fall semester for funding in the Spring.

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