The CTSI is organized into programs delivering services. Governance groups provide input and accountability.

UF CTSI Organization

UF CTSI Organization

The organizational chart at right shows the programs and divisions of the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute. Click the chart for a larger version. Leadership is provided by Dr. David Norton, Vice President for Research, Dr. David Guzick, Senior Vice Present for Health Affairs and President of UF Health, Dr. Thomas Pearson, Executive Vice President for Research & Education for UF Health, and Dr. Michael Good, Dean of the College of Medicine.

Dr. David Nelson serves as Director of the CTSI and principal investigator of NIH awards related to the CTSI.

Dr. Michael Conlon serves as Co-Director of the UF CTSI.

The CTSI Home provides basic organization and administration support for the CTSI and its activities.

The Tracking and Evaluation Program provides strategic and tactical input regarding the direction and operation of the CTSI.

The Stakeholders Group serves in an internal advisory role to review progress and advise on future directions.

The Executive Committee provides oversight for all UF CTSI programs.

CTSI programs provide services and resources for investigators. Training, laboratory and clinical programs have significant components — training programs, core laboratories and clinical research units, respectively.

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