Mission and Services

The mission of the University of Florida Clinical and Translational Science Institute is to improve human health by accelerating the translation of scientific discoveries into practical applications and practices for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure of human diseases.


We envision the UF CTSI will attract individual and team investigators to amplify their capabilities, to more effectively and more quickly carry out their clinical and translational research.  The CTSI will allow improvements in patient care to move from bench to bedside and into the larger community and back through support and coordination of investigator initiatives.

Shared Values and Defining Characteristics

In all its activities, the UF CTSI strives to be open, transparent and clear.  The UF CTSI is supportive of investigators, faculty, students, partners and the community in their efforts to improve human health.  The UF CTSI seeks collaboration and partnership across all the people it serves.

Services to Investigators

The UF CTSI coordinates and provides more than 40 services to investigators and research staff. See Research Services.

Educational Opportunities

The UF CTSI has an extensive education program for a full range of trainee needs. The UF CTSI is affiliated with additional training programs around UF to broaden the development of training opportunities for those involved with clinical and translational science. See Education.

Community Engagement

Engaging the community takes many forms. To learn more, visit Community.