Strategic Planning

The CTSI organizes and executes an annual open, participatory and iterative strategic planning process to continuously improve and update the CTSI strategic plan and to align CTSI programs and services with the needs of researchers, trainees and the community. The components of this living strategic plan include CTSI mission, vision, values, strategic goals, strategies, tactics and measures of achievement.

Activities include information gathering and analysis, the annual strategic planning retreat and external advisory committee visit, and the CTSI research day and NIH program officer site visit.

Information Gathering and Analysis

  • Needs of researchers
  • Strategic goals of participating organizations
  • Current environment including UF colleges, centers, institutes; internal and external partners; research capacity and environment
  • Strategic goals of NIH, NCRR, CTSA Consortium and peer institutions

Annual Strategic Planning Retreat and External Advisory Committee Visit

Participants include UF CTSI faculty and staff, researchers from all UF colleges, UF leadership and the UF CTSI External Advisory Committee (EAC), representing experts and leaders from across the CTSA national community. The EAC visits annually and provides direction and guidance to retreat participants and senior leadership. The committee also evaluates and provides feedback on our progress.

Annual UF CTSI Research Day and NIH Program Officer Site Visit

Investigators and trainees who have benefited from UF CTSI support are invited to give presentations and display posters regarding their research. NIH/ NCRR Program Officer visits are annual to assess activities, progress, issues and needs of the UF CTSI. The NCRR Program Officer also attends the annual CTSI Research Day activities to meet with researchers and further appreciate the successes of our research community.

Forward Together

The strategic plan of the UF CTSI is aligned with the strategic planning process of UF Health. The CTSI is a member of the strategic planning cabinet. For more information on the UF Health strategic plan and strategic planning process, see Forward Together.


For further information or to participate in any of the above activities contact Dr. Michael Conlon, Associate Director & COO, at or 352-273-8700.