PhD Students

The CTSI Translational Workforce Development Program offers the following educational opportunities for Ph.D. students:

Clinical & Translational Science (CTS) Interdisciplinary Concentration

Develops skills to conduct multidisciplinary CTS research. Combines didactic coursework and a mentored research project. Open to Ph.D. students who have not yet passed their qualifying exams. Applicants accepted year-round.

TL1 Training Grant

Available to Ph.D. students who wish to pursue the Clinical & Translational Science (CTS) Interdisciplinary Concentration. Covers up to two years of funding, plus support for lab and training expenses and other activities.

Clinical & Translational Science (CTS) Certificate

Develops skills to participate in team-oriented CTS in a variety of settings, including academia, industry, biotech and government. Open to students in more than 20 partnering Ph.D. programs. Applicants accepted year-round.

GMS 7093: Introduction to Clinical & Translational Research

Highly interactive two-week series led by top faculty. Includes small-group sessions to develop an interdisciplinary protocol. Open to Ph.D. students at any time in their program.