Joseph Riley III, Ph.D.

Joseph Riley III, Ph.D., Director

The Pain Clinical Research Unit provides a patient-oriented research venue designed to facilitate and foster clinical and translational pain research at UF. The Pain CRU is a component of the newly formed Pain Research and Intervention Center of Excellence, a multi-college center of excellence that serves as the professional home for UF scientists, clinicians and trainees dedicated to improved understanding and treatment of pain.

Pain represents the most prevalent and most expensive public health problem in the United States. Recent increasing interest in mechanism-based pain diagnosis has motivated pain researchers to incorporate more sophisticated laboratory-based approaches to pain assessment into their research protocols. These approaches allow identification of changes in the functioning of the pain processing system, which may be related to the pathogenesis of many clinical pain conditions. Moreover, because pain is a symptom of many chronic medical conditions, investigators are often interested in including pain assessment into their clinical research protocols, but they may lack the requisite expertise or equipment to conduct state-of-the-art pain measurement.


The Pain CRU provides the following services:

  1. Consultation on design and implementation of pain assessment protocols into research studies. Because pain is a nearly ubiquitous accompaniment to dental and medical conditions, pain assessment is an important component of many clinical research projects. We can provide consultation to investigators on optimal pain assessment methods, ranging from basic pain scales to sophisticated laboratory-based pain measurement protocols.
  2. Collection of psychophysical pain assessment data. If an investigator would like to include some pain testing, but does not have the staff or facilities to do this, we can be the “one-stop pain shop” that provides space, equipment, and trained personnel to assist investigators with the administration of laboratory pain assessment methods. Out staff have undergone considerable training and calibration in the conduct of pain testing methods. Pain CRU staff can train your research staff in the conduct of these procedures, or we can arrange to have our staff conduct the testing ourselves in the Pain CRU facility.


To discuss using the Pain CRU’s services, please contact:
Joseph Riley III, Ph.D., Director (, 352-273-5966)