VA Clinical Research Unit

Malcom Randall VA Medical Center, Gainesville Florida

The VA Clinical Research Unit provides a facility for clinical investigations involving Veterans at the Malcom Randall VAMC. Our goals are to increase research activity by VA investigators and to increase research opportunities for Veterans who receive medical care at this facility. Research at the VAMC is separated into four main divisions: Biomedical Laboratory, Clinical Science, Health Services, and Rehabilitation.

The Biomedical Laboratory division supports basic science and preclinical research.

The Clinical Science division is oriented toward therapeutics and clinical trials for medical conditions relevant to veterans.

The Health Services division is dedicated to issues in quality and improvement of health care, again focusing on issues relevant to veterans.

The Rehabilitation division is responsible for developing research strategies for coping with serious illness and injury.

All research at the VAMC must include participation by a VA-supported investigator.

Services Provided

Our unit supports research by

  • providing space for patient examinations and
  • mentoring for new investigators and investigators new to the VA healthcare system
  • serving as a liason to the VA non-profit research corporation, the North Florida Foundation for Research and Education.
  • assisting in filling research staffing requirements
  • advising non-VA investigators in issues specific to VA compliance and other regulatory provisions.

All services are provided in association with other local VA organizations including, the Research & Development Committee, the Committee for Research Support, the Research Service Compliance Core and Research Service Administration. Our unit will guide investigators to these organizations when appropriate.


Michael Bubb, M.D.; email address –; and phone number – 352-376-1611 ext. 6966 .