REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure, Web-based application designed to support traditional case report form data capture for your research studies. It is provided at no cost for use with any research project. For those with funding, fee-based configuration services are also available to jump-start a given project.

REDCap was originally developed at Vanderbilt University. The University of Florida and more than 195 other partners now comprise the REDCap Consortium that continues to develop and support the software. Read more about REDCap’s features at the consortium Web site at

Using REDCap’s streamlined process for rapidly developing databases, users create a project, define and organize the data they wish to capture, build the related forms and associate them with study events. Other features include automated export procedures for seamless data downloads to Excel and common statistical packages (SPSS, SAS, Stata, R), as well as a built-in project calendar, a scheduling module, ad hoc reporting tools, and advanced features, such as branching logic, file uploading, and calculated fields.

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Is REDCap right for my study?

This is a question we frequently receive. REDCap supports prospective and retrospective studies and multicenter clinical trials very well. It has been used across a broad spectrum of research, from bench studies to community-based research. It works best for research projects that have a limited number of well defined time points; it is not optimized for use in creating registries.

REDCap Support Services provides free consultation for investigators with mature projects. We will help you determine if REDCap is a ‘good fit’ for your project and can explain in detail the support and configuration services that are available. For a no-cost consultation, contact the REDCap Support Services Team at


Training is available through a variety of mechanisms here at the University of Florida; trainings are announced through the REDCap-all Listserv that all registered users are subscribed to.

On-line Training Videos are provided by the REDCap Consortium and available to all. These videos provide users the necessary information to get started as well as a standing reference library to refer to while creating your project.

REDCap 101, Introductory Class Monthly overview of REDCap project creation basics, this hands-off class covers the essentials of REDCap project creation: Defining data elements and timepoints, building forms and using data validation, previewing and revising the project, assigning user rights, and moving the project to production. We will also look at the calendar feature, creating reports, and the file repository and data export functions.

Registration for REDCap training is available through HSC Training.

Configuration Service

REDCap software and end-user support are provided at no-cost to UF investigators. Investigators have no-cost access to REDCap, training and end-user support, but must learn details of project development and build their own projects.

While this model serves many investigators very well – especially young investigators with pilot studies – early on we identified the need to provide a more complete service for funded investigators. To that end, we offer a REDCap configuration service that can develop and deliver a fully operational REDCap project to you based on your protocol, case report forms and/or time and events schedule.

Collectively, the REDCap Support Services team has more than 39 years experience in research support, clinical trials management and informatics. Use of our configuration service saves investigators time, reduces the learning curve, and ensures that best practices are applied during the development of their project. Costs for the configuration are very competitive for both the UF community and external clients, and inquires are encouraged. With two weeks notice, quotes can be provided for grant submissions. For more details, contact the REDCap Support Services Team at

Support Services

The REDCap Support Services Team provides end-user support, project configuration and training for both University of Florida Investigators and their staff as well as external clients. E-mail and phone support is available M-F from 8-5PM, excluding holidays, with 48 hour response time for inquires at other times.

Support Contacts

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