NIH Scientific Management Review Board and the Future of NCRR

A new page titled “NIH Scientific Management Review Board and the Future of NCRR” is now available on NCRR’s public website.

This page contains links to SMRB and NIH/OD materials related to NCRR’s programs and the proposed center for advancing translational science, including the SMRB Report on Translational Medicine and Therapeutics; the most recent NCRR program summaries document; some of the SMRB-related news coverage; and the website, where people can ask questions, make comments, and access recordings and transcripts from the recent teleconferences Dr. Francis Collins hosted with NCRR staff and grantees.

NCRR will update this page as new material becomes available, maintaining it as a one-stop source for information about the proposed new translational science center and the future of NCRR’s programs.

Sylvia L. Parsons
NCRR Coordinator, CTSA Administration Key Function Committee
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