UF COM Research Affairs Adds “The Flight”

“The process of scientific discovery is, in effect, a continual flight from wonder.” – Albert Einstein

The Flight is a new addition to the UF CoM Research Affairs website. Postings to The Flight will contain brief descriptions of new UF CoM contributions, findings, manuscripts, innovations, etc. We will provide continual updates to this site and hope that you inform us of potential content for future postings. In this new age of research, it is becoming more and more challenging to stay current in one’s specific research area, causing us to lose touch with our own research community. The goals of the Flight will be to share, recognize, and celebrate the discoveries of the UF CoM research community.

Launch “The Flight” by clicking the link below. The first article located under Recent Posts is titled “It is Time to Move the Light”. Check back frequently for new and exciting additions to “The Flight”.

The Flight