New Web Site for Collaboration Opportunities for Translational Research

The Clinical and Translational Science Awards consortium has established a website where researchers can post requests for needed collaborators to build out an idea or a project and look for opportunities to collaborate with others. You do not have to be at a CTSA institution to post or respond to posts. New collaborations and quicker progress on all projects is the goal.

“I think we all stand to benefit if we can find other investigators whose work tracks with ours,” said Dr. Juan Bustillo, University of New Mexico, who has posted a project on the new site. “It takes very little time to submit your project for posting with the potential to reach thousands of investigators.”

Projects on the site can be listed in one of two categories:

  1. Developing project or;
  2. Established project looking for others to join.

Each project should address an interesting question in clinical or translational research, including but not limited to, preclinical research, clinical studies, biomarker development or validation, specimen studies, survey studies, methods development. The submission page has a link to an online project intake form with requested information tailored to the type of study.

“It’s a great opportunity for pediatric investigators to identify a broader population for child health studies,” said Dr. James Heubi, Principal Investigator for the Cincinnati CTSA, expressing enthusiasm for how the page can advance his work.

You can find the site on the Web at

Administered by the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Research Resources, the CTSAs currently support 55 medical research institutions across the U.S. whose mission is to translate biomedical discoveries into medical practice. For more information, visit