NSF Innovation Corps will help universities bring scientific advances to market

A public-private partnership, the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps will identify NSF-funded researchers who will receive additional support – in the form of mentoring and funding – to help determine the readiness to transition technology developed by previously-funded or currently-funded NSF projects.

The outcome of I-Corps projects will be threefold: 1) a clear go/no-go decision regarding viability of products and services, 2) should the decision be to move the effort forward, a transition plan to do so, and 3) a technology demonstration for potential partners.

PI(s) must contact one of the cognizant I-Corps program officers and receive prior written authorization to submit a proposal. The first proposal submission window is Aug. 17 – Sep. 9. For more details, view the Program Solicitation or join the August 2 webinar (details below).

Monthly I-Corps Webinars

Beginning August 2, NSF will hold webinars on the first Tuesday of every month at 2 p.m. to answer questions about I-Corps. The webinars will provide updated information about the I-Corps Mentor Network, the curriculum, and other aspects of I-Corps: join the webinars.

More Information

NSF Video of the I-Corps Announcement