The future of CTSAs: Institute of Medicine report commends program, recommends changes

IOM report on the CTSA programOn June 25, 2013, the Institute of Medicine released a report evaluating the national Clinical and Translational Science Awards program, which is led by the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences. To date, the program has awarded CTSAs to 61 biomedical research institutions across the country, including the UF CTSI.

Titled “The CTSA Program at NIH: Opportunities for Advancing Clinical and Translational Research,” the report was commissioned in July 2012 by the NIH at the urging of Congress to evaluate the CTSA program and recommend possible changes to its mission and operation.

Christopher P. Austin, Ph.D., director of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, released a statement that he will begin to implement the recommendations immediately.

Findings and Recommendations

The IOM committee found the CTSA program is contributing significantly to advancing clinical and translational research and made seven recommendations that could make the program more efficient and effective and ensure future successes:

  • Strengthen the leadership of the CTSA program by NCATS
  • Reconfigure and streamline the CTSA Consortium
  • Build on the strengths of individual CTSAs across the spectrum of clinical and translational research
  • Formalize and standardize the evaluation processes for individual CTSAs and the CTSA program
  • Advance innovation in education and training programs
  • Ensure community engagement in all phases of research
  • Strengthen clinical and translational research relevant to child health

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