Systematic Reviews Added to CTSI’s CORE of Research Support Services

Due to high demand, we are pleased to announce that the Health Center Science Libraries’ Systematic Review service has been added to the Clinical and Translational Science Institute’s CORE  of research support services.  This paid service will now offer two free hours of consultation to all eligible researchers, as well as participate in CTSI’s voucher system. Those with limited or no funding who would like to request librarian support on a systematic or evidence synthesis review project can request a voucher through the CTSI.  This voucher covers up to eleven hours of work at no charge to the researcher.    Systematic Review services include identifying databases, developing search strategy, conducting the search, and writing the methods section.  Those not eligible may pay a fee per hour for the service. For more information and to request a voucher visit  CTSI determines eligibility and will inform the requestor accordingly.   For more information please contact your liaison librarian  or Patti McCall-Wright, Systematic Review Librarian, at  We look forward to working with you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this service only apply to systematic reviews? 

No, this service applies to all evidence synthesis reviews such as rapid reviews, scoping reviews, umbrella reviews and meta-analyses.

So now the library is charging for literature searches?

No, this only applies to librarian support for systematic and evidence synthesis review projects.  Contact your liaison librarian as you normally would for literature searches or any other help.

How many vouchers can I request through CTSI?

One may request up to one voucher per year.

I already have a voucher for another service but I would still like help with my systematic review. 

The cost for this core service is $90.00 per hour and can be billed to you by the CTSI.

I already have a systematic review in progress.  Will I now be charged for the work?

No, there will be no charges for evidence synthesis in progress before February   1, 2021.