CTSI Chief Financial Administrator Appointed to National Council of University Research Administrators Financial Management Committee

We are excited to announce that LaWanna Duncan, Chief Financial Administrator of the UF CTSI, has been appointed to serve on the Financial Management Committee for the National Council of University Research Administrators, or NCURA. This esteemed appointment, spanning a prestigious two-year term, is set to commence in January 2024.

The Financial Management Committee holds a pivotal role within NCURA, actively shaping financial strategies, conducting comprehensive budget reviews, and providing key recommendations to the Board. LaWanna’s wealth of expertise and experience in financial management make her an ideal addition to this committee.

As a seasoned financial professional, LaWanna has consistently demonstrated her commitment to excellence in financial stewardship. Her role on the Financial Management Committee will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the success of the committee as they navigate complex long-range financial plans, provide support to regional treasurers, and assess the impact of new initiatives.

NCURA is a leading organization dedicated to advancing the profession of research administration through education and professional development. its Financial Management Committee plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial health and sustainability of the organization. LaWanna’s appointment reflects not only her individual achievements but also highlights the commitment of the CTSI to excellence in research administration. We are confident that her contributions to the Financial Management Committee will further elevate the standards of financial stewardship within NCURA.

We extend our sincere congratulations to LaWanna Duncan on this well-deserved appointment. For more information about NCURA, please visit their website.