Overall Branding Guidelines



Tagline: Improving Health

The mission of the UF CTSI is to improve human health by accelerating the translation of scientific discoveries and the implementation of evidence-based best practices for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and cure of human disease.

It is the mission statement that drives the messaging for all materials. When you are creating your materials, think about how your program, initiative or department contributes to the overall mission. We are incorporating this mission into the content of materials, specifically in headlines.

For example, the Translational Workforce Development Program improves health through education and training and the Service Center improves health through research services and resources.

Use “Improving health through…” and complete the phrase using a key message point.




Unless you have an approved secondary logo, please use the official UF CTSI logo.

Do not alter this logo in any way, such as distorting the dimensions, cropping, changing the colors or adding/deleting text.

To download the logos, right click on the thumbnail and select “Save Image As”. This logo is an image file and may not reproduce clearly at larger scale in some print materials, however, the logo is already embedded in print templates for posters and flyers available for your use in the print section of this website. If you would like an EPS version of the logo for print purposes, please contact the CTSI communications team.

CTSI logo color

CTSI logo white


This is the white logo on a transparent background. It’s hard to see, but it’s there!

You may use the CTSI logo on internal-to-UF materials for programs, services or events affiliated with the UF CTSI. If you have questions about whether this applies to your situation, please contact CTSI Communications.

The logo and grant citation text are already included in the poster, Powerpoint, flyer and other templates on this website. You will not need to download the logo separately to create those materials.

If you would like to use the logo for other purposes, please contact the CTSI Communications team.

The following programs have approved secondary logos that include the CTSI name along with the name of their program or service. Right click or command + click for Mac and then click “Save image as…” to save as .png):

Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design

Clinical Research Center

Recruitment Center

Personalized Medicine Program

Southeast Center for Integrated Metabolomics


Translational Drug Development Core

Translational Workforce Development Program

If you would like to request the creation of a new secondary logo for your CTSI-affiliated program or service, fill out this form.

​ Logo Request Form >

If you want to use the UF Health logo, you will need to follow these specific guidelines. Please contact the CTSI Communications team if you find that you need patient-facing materials.

For guidelines regarding use of the University of Florida logo, see the UF Brand Center.

Using the CTSI Logo

It is best practice to make sure the logo is visible, readable and on a plain background. Avoid placing the logo on a photo or patterned background.


Original photography of CTSI programs, services and facilities, along with tips for using stock photography, are available on the Photography page.


The CTSI utilizes colors from the UF branding guidelines: http://identity.ufl.edu/color/

We also use the following colors (not in UF branding guidelines):


  • #00A79D
  • R (0) G (167) B (157)
  • C (80%) M (10%) Y (45%) K (0%)


  • #ee8f4c
  • R (238) G (143) B (76)
  • C (4%) M (52%) Y (78%) K (0%)

Light Blue:

  • #a1d0d0
  • R (161) G (208) B (208)
  • C (36%) M (4%) Y (19%) K (0%)
  • This color should not be used in text on a white background


  • #162c55
  • R (22) G (44) B (85)
  • C (100%) M (88%) Y (38%) K (33%)

Grey (use this color for text):

  • #58595b
  • R (88) G (89) B (91)
  • C (0%) M (0%) Y (0%) K (80%)

For questions about how to use these colors in your materials, contact CTSI Communications.


You have a few options for fonts.

You may use the UF fonts, which you can request here: http://identity.ufl.edu/typography/. However, UF fonts do not come natively to Word. If you are using Word for materials, use Franklin Gothic Demi for headlines and Franklin Gothic Book for text.

If you are using the design program Canva, you will use Sanchez (equivalent to Quadon) and Montserrat (equivalent to Gentona). These are available within Canva; you don’t need to download them.