About the Citizen Scientist Program

Citizen scientists

Dr. Bill Hogan, M.D., M.S., discusses how the OneFlorida Data Trust will use electronic health records to make inquiries about the types of data available while protecting people’s privacy.


The Citizen Scientist Program was developed to engage patients and community members as collaborators throughout the research process, including identifying study topics, study design, recruitment, retention, interpretation of the findings, and information dissemination.

Initially, the Implementation Science Program (ISP) at the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) began with Innovation Studios — roundtable discussions of research proposals that included a variety of stakeholders. Although the discussions were mutually beneficial, patients needed additional background to feel comfortable speaking during these meetings, and researchers needed additional training in meaningful stakeholder engagement.

The ISP recruited individuals to become “patient scientists.” As training materials for both researchers and participants were developed, the patient scientists renamed the program, and what ultimately became the Citizen Scientist Program was born.