Precision Health Program

UF CTSI Precision Health Program


The Precision Health Program at the UF CTSI is committed to making the promise of precision health a reality, building on years of experience in research and implementation by leading experts in precision medicine and precision public health at UF and UF Health.

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In support of this, this program leverages a wide variety of technologies and experts in precision medicine, precision public health, genomics, and other “‘omics,” laboratory medicine, and biomedical informatics to move away from a “one size fits all” approach to health and wellness. Through the provision of state-of-the-art genotyping approaches, delivery of genomic medicine and pharmacogenetic testing in multiple clinical settings, multi-faceted patient and provider education, and assessment of clinical outcomes with genomic implementation, the Precision Health Program aims to implement innovative genomic medicine-based strategies into clinical care and health solutions in the community.

UF Precision Medicine Program

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A growing number of UF Health patients benefit from individualized drug prescribing based on their unique DNA sequence thanks to efforts led by the UF Precision Medicine Program (formerly the Personalized Medicine Program). As we learn more, precision medicine approaches are expected to span across additional UF Health clinics and practices. Since launching in 2012, the program has developed one of the nation’s top pharmacogenomics research programs, led genomic clinical implementations, and developed multiple education programs that are training current and future leaders in precision medicine.

UF Precision Public Health Program

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Precision Public Health is “providing the right intervention to the right population at the right time”. A Library Guide created by this group lists resources, datasets, and tools available to researchers in this area. In a research setting, Precision Public Health can be used to create programs that are tailored to underserved community groups for whom focused attention has the potential to significantly improve health outcomes.


Precision Public Health LibGuide

This LibGuide has compiled data and datasets for precision public health research with the goal of advancing research and knowledge in this growing field.

Center for Data Solutions

The Center for Data Solutions provides sophisticated technical and analytical support for health sciences research. Data Solutions at its core is a customer-service oriented entity, producing high-quality, efficient results and analysis for investigators, healthcare stakeholders and, most importantly, patients and the community.

Genotyping Services

Clinical and research genotyping services are provided for investigators within and outside of the University of Florida through the University of Florida Health Pathology Laboratories’ Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory and the University of Florida Center for Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine Genotyping Core Laboratory.

UF Health Pathology laboratories

Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory

The University of Florida Health Pathology Laboratories’ Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory is a CLIA-certified clinical diagnostic facility responsible for the development and performance of molecular diagnostic tests for nucleic acid targets found in a variety of settings in medicine.

UF Center for pharmacogenomics and precision medicine

Genotyping Core Laboratory

The University of Florida Center for Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine Genotyping Core Laboratory offers a wide range of services for research projects. These services can be provided as a price per sample or price per project depending on the needs of the researcher.


first tuesday of each month | 9:00 A.M.

Precision Health Forum

The goal of this monthly forum is to bring together faculty, trainees, and students to facilitate discussion around prevailing precision health issues and initiatives, share ideas, and foster collaborations toward precision health advancement. Events in the series will be held the first Tuesday of the month at the same time and are available remotely by Zoom.

Precision Health Leadership Team

Sonja Rasmussen, MD, MS

Director, UF Health Precision Health Program | Professor, Departments of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Epidemiology | UF College of Medicine and College of Public Health and Health Professions

sonja rasmussen

Stephanie Staras, PhD

Director, UF Health Precision Public Health Program | Professor, Department of Epidemiology | Associate Professor and Division Director, UF College of Medicine

stephanie saras

Larisa Cavallari, PharmD, BCPS, FCCP

Director, UF Health Precision Medicine Program – Gainesville | Director, Center for Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine | Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacotherapy Translational Research | UF College of Pharmacy

Larisa Cavallari

Alexander Parker, PhD

Director, UF Health Precision Medicine Program – Jacksonville | Senior Associate Dean for Research | Professor | UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville

Alexander Parker, PhD

Internal Advisory Committee

Jennifer Hunt, MD

Chair of Pathology, Immunology, and Laboratory Medicine | Endowed Stetson Professor of Experimental Pathology | UF College of Medicine

Jennifer Hunt, MD

Gigi Lipori, MT, MBA

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer | UF Health Sciences Center | Chief Data Officer | UF Health Shands

Gigi lipori

Key partners of the Precision Health Program Initiative include:


College of Public Health and Health Professions