Need to get the word out about a seminar, a visitor, an event, news, an award? The CTSI can help.

Internal communication

Often times, your message needs to go to the faculty, staff and students of the academic health center, or the university. Due to the size and complexity of the university, getting the word out in an effective and timely manner can be a challenge. We all get too much email and important news can be lost in the many messages we get each day. CTSI communications services can help you deliver a message that will be heard across the university.

External communication

The CTSI works closely with the national CTSA network, the NIH and NCATS staff to get your message out to the clinical and translational science community at the national level. We can help you navigate the various offices and distribution channels to get your message out.

CTSI works closely with UF Health Communications and University Relations on messages for the news outlets. Newspaper, radio and television content can be developed and delivered in support of your message.

CTSI works with the College of Journalism and Communications on long-range programs and research into health communications to further improve your ability to reach people and deliver your message.


To request more information about CTSI communications services, please contact Meghan Meyer, CTSI Associate Director, Communications, 352-273-8872.

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