UF CTSI Identity Elements

The UF CTSI has established identity elements to insure consistent branding across its varied programs and services. Please use these identity elements when creating UF CTSI materials.

Please use all identity elements in accordance with university identity policy and practice.

Please do not modify these elements. In particular, be careful not to change aspect ratios (height and width) — the results of such changes are not in accord with university practice.

Colors and Fonts

The CTSI uses the colors and fonts below.

  • blue
    • RGB: r:0, g:74, b:137
    • CMYK: 1.000, 0.460, 0.000, 0.463
  • tan
    • RGB: r:242, g:242, b:236
    • CMYK: 0.000, 0.000, 0.025, 0.051
  • grey letters
    • RGB: r:102, g:102, b:101
    • CMYK: 0.000, 0.000, 0.010, 0.600
  • heading grey
    • RGB: r:80, g:80, b:80
    • CMYK 0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.686

Headline font: Georgia
Text font: Arial

Banner Graphic

The banner graphic is used on the web site and major documents of the CTSI, such as the pilot award RFA.

Secondary Signature

The secondary signature is used in printed material and other settings where identification of the CTSI is necessary. It is never used in place of the UF wordmark. It is not used on business cards or letterhead. See the UF Identity site (identity.ufl.edu) for policy and procedure regarding secondary signatures.


CTSI letterhead conforms with university identity standards. Please use it exactly as delivered. No changes should be made to the template.

Business Cards

Business CardThe UF CTSI uses UF standard business cards. Business cards should be ordered from Mail and Document Services. Use the template here for business cards. Only the name, title, and contact information should be changed. Do not change formatting, add or remove elements to the business card. Click on the image to the right to download a PowerPoint template business card.


University of Florida standard white business envelopes are available from the UF CTSI office on request. Please request by email at info@ctsi.ufl.edu

The CTSI Portal

Concept for CTSI web site home pageThe UF CTSI portal has been designed with full attention to UF CTSI and University of Florida branding, identity and web standards and guidelines. Early Photoshop prototypes were reviewed for usability, suitability and adherence to standards. Pages and posts are managed using WordPress.

PowerPoint Template

CTSI PowerPoint SnipClick on the image to the right to download a CTSI PowerPoint template. The template uses our web colors and fonts to reinforce CTSI branding and identity.

Scientific Poster Template

Poster Template imageScientific posters are an important element in communicating your work. A good looking poster doesn’t happen by accident. Use a well-designed template and follow it carefully to get a good result. Click on the image to the right for a downloadable 6′ by 3′ poster template that you can use in PowerPoint to make a great looking poster. Additional instructions regarding use of the template can be found in the template.

Document Templates

Minutes Template

CTSI Meeting Minutes Template



CTSI Meeting Agenda Template

Click on the images to the right to download standard CTSI working document templates.

Email Signatures

Email signatureEmail signatures are those bits of text below one’s name in an email. They are typically automatically added by your email program. If you use more than one email program (for example, Outlook and a mobile phone), you should make sure that your email signature is the same, regardless of the email program you are using.

The CTSI email signature is simple and a sample can be downloaded at left. You may insert the CTSI secondary signature (see above), following the identifying information in your signature.

Additional elements (security disclaimers, privacy notices, Think Before You Ink reminders) and other text are not necessary — they use university information processing resources and provide negligible value or protection to the university.

Do not use athletic logos or personal messages in email signatures.

Door Signs

Need a door sign? A publisher template is available. Click on the image to the right.

Branded Email

Branded email — HTML formatted email with embedded graphical elements, fonts and colors — is often used by vendors and others to deliver “newsletters” via email. The UF CTSI does not currently use branded email in its communications.

Deprecated Elements

All other visual images, fonts and colors previously used by the CTSI are deprecated. If you are using any deprecated elements, please replace them at your earliest convenience with the elements provided here.

Deprecated elements violate university branding practice and policy.

Deprecated elements include the lower case ctsi logo, the secondary signature include the large “CTSI”, templates using the blue “curtain” graphic, Times Roman letter CTSI, and others. If you find any material coming from any CTSI funded activity using any deprecated identity elements, please let us know at info@ctsi.ufl.edu so we can assist in having the deprecated elements replaced. We appreciate your support in establishing consistent branding for the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute.