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UF Health is creating an academic hub to advance AI in the health sciences grounded in the values of community, trustworthiness, and diversity, equity and inclusion. Together, these values foster team science and a translational vision of moving from big data and black boxes to explainable tools for improved health for all.

Azra Bihorac shows how a sensor is applied to an arm, with orange color overlay

Latest AI News at the Academic Health Center

UF Health researcher aims to create AI algorithm to help map human body’s cells

Researchers at UF Health are developing an artificial intelligence algorithm to be used by scientists around the nation who are mapping out the entire human body at the single-cell level.…

Algorithm optimizes antibiotic use in settings with poor hygiene and sanitation

In developing countries, inappropriate antibiotic use is a persistent, difficult challenge. An international group of scientists that includes investigators from Bangladesh, Mali, and the United States have a solution: an…

UF researchers use AI to predict new coronavirus variants

A world awash in waves of novel coronavirus variants is left to react to each new emergence. Will this one be as deadly as delta? As transmissible as omicron? Imagine…

UF Diabetes Institute to establish novel biobank to study cardiovascular and kidney disease in diabetes

A major step toward transforming the understanding of cardiovascular and kidney disease in the millions of Americans with diabetes occurred Thursday when the National Institutes of Health designated the University…