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UF Health is creating an academic hub to advance AI in the health sciences grounded in the values of community, trustworthiness, and diversity, equity and inclusion. Together, these values foster team science and a translational vision of moving from big data and black boxes to explainable tools for improved health for all.

Azra Bihorac shows how a sensor is applied to an arm, with orange color overlay

Latest AI News at the Academic Health Center

SynGatorTron™ to speed medical research, alleviate privacy worries

“Dr. Chatbot will see you now.” The next generation of super-smart computers, tablets and cell phones may come equipped with artificial intelligence-generated medical chatbots that can interact with patients using…

UF Health researchers use artificial intelligence to better predict hepatitis C treatment outcomes

When hepatitis C treatments fail, patients can face major health risks and the expense of a second therapy. Now, University of Florida Health researchers have developed algorithms that use artificial…

UF Health team receives $6.6 million to study treatments to boost cognition for those with HIV

With advancements in HIV treatments, people with HIV are living longer. More than half of Americans with HIV are now over age 50. Yet with longer lives comes an additional…

UF study shows artificial intelligence’s potential to predict dementia

New research published today shows that a form of artificial intelligence combined with MRI scans of the brain has the potential to predict whether people with a specific type of…