Click Commerce for IRB


The UF IRB-01 (human subject research) has paper-based processes that can be improved. Implementing an IRB module from Click Commerce should improve service to investigators, codify IRB processes and provide additional data regarding protocols in process.

Goals and objectives

  1. Codify IRB processes
  2. Implement IRB processes using Click Commerce software
  3. Demonstrate value to investigators of Click Commerce implementation

Sponsors and Project Manager

Dr. David Nelson, MD, CTSI and Mr. Peter Pevonka are co-sponsors of this project. Michael Mahoney is the project manager.


Implementation of Click Commerce for the IRB will 1) standardize IRB submission; 2) provide 24×7 status information regarding IRB submissions; 3) simplify IRB submissions by supporting reuse of IRB materials; 4) improve turn around time by reducing the number of tabled protocols.


A proof of concept implementation will be in place by April 2011. Full scale implementation is planned for fall 2011.