COVID-19 Project Highlights

COVID-19 Project Highlights

Never before have so many faculty, staff and students at the University of Florida come together to rapidly focus their ingenuity on a single issue, whether it's new ways to educate and reach out to the community, prototypes and devices to help fight COVID-19, or ideas that reach across disciplines. Below are a few of those projects.

A UF Health employee prepares testing equipment for COVID-19 testitng

COVID-19 Research Updates

Read about the latest COVID-19 research at UF and UF Health.

Project Highlights

Healthcare Workers Exposure Response and Outcomes

HERO Research

This registry is a large, national clinical research community. It invites healthcare workers across America to share clinical and life experiences to understand the perspectives and problems they face on the COVID-19 pandemic front lines.

front line health care worker conducts a COVID-19 assessment near a patient's car


Speeding Research: EPI Delivers

Behind the scenes in mid-March, a group of researchers, students and lab technicians across campus came together and built a high throughput testing lab in the Emerging Pathogens Institute in just 10 days.

A close-up image of a COVID-19 testing swab

CTSI Rapid Response Projects

CTSI Rapid Response Pilots

The CTSI made $2 million available for translational research projects that can be rapidly mobilized to help address the COVID-19 pandemic.


Translational Science of COVID-19 Seminar Series

A seminar series featuring UF investigators funded by the Rapid-Response Translational Research Projects to Address COVID-19 Pandemic pilot program.

Dr. Elias Sayour consults with other scientists from the McKnight Brain Institute

May 14, 2020

Quicker reviews, designated funding is speeding COVID-19 research efforts at UF Health

University of Florida Health researcher Mark Brantly, M.D., and his team are working to evaluate a drug treatment for the novel coronavirus that might block the deadly inflammatory response caused by the disease that curtails the lungs’ ability to function.

Brantly lab

June 8, 2020

UF researchers study whether approved drugs can block transmission of virus behind COVID-19

A new study by University of Florida researchers aims to identify a drug or drugs that can potentially be used to prevent and/or treat infection with COVID-19 by interfering with a known behavior of the virus — the way it binds to its cellular receptor, facilitating transmission to the respiratory system.

Dr. Leah Reznikov and Dr. David Ostrov are shown in Reznikov's lab on June 5. (Photo by Jesse Jones)