IFAS CTSI Partnership


The University of Florida has one of the few CTSA awards made to a land grant university. The Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) at the University of Florida has a state-wide mission to translate research results into practical applications for the people of the state. Combining the T1 (bench to bedside) strength of the clinical and translational science environment at UF with the community engagement and experience of IFAS provides a unique opportunity to develop the concept of medical extension improving the health of the people of Florida.

Goals and objectives

  1. Identify program leaders from both IFAS and the CTSI who are committed to the transfer of knowledge from research to application in daily practice.
  2. Identify opportunities for joint programs.
  3. build awareness of the potential of the IFAS CTSI partnership.


Dr. David Nelson, MD, CTSI and Dr. Jack Payne, Sr. VP for IFAS are co-sponsors of this initiative.


The collaboration of IFAS and the CTSI to bring health care knowledge to the community through established partnerships at the county level provides a new model for medical knowledge transfer, capitalizing on the experience of IFAS with previous personal health care initiatives. The land grant model can be extended to engage the community in the improving the health of its members in an open dialog with university researchers.


This initiative is open-ended. Programs will be developed as the partnership grows.