CTSI Identity Elements


As a new cross university institute, the CTSI requires consistent identity elements to assist with way finding, name recognition, and branding. Identity elements must be consistent with university branding and policy to reinforce the brand of the University.

Goals and objectives

  1. Create all new identity elements for the CTSI consistent with university branding standards and policy.
  2. Provide these elements to the community through the CTSI portal.
  3. Replace all occurrences of previous branding elements with the new elements.


The project lead is Mike Conlon. Andy Fletcher and Dan Williams of the University Relations assist with graphical elements and university policy. Carlos Morales creates graphics for the web site. CTSI staff members Denise Caswell and Lynne Stephenson have developed and implemented identity elements.


The CTSI will have all new identity elements in conformance with university branding and policy. All members of the CTSI community will have access to these elements through the CTSI portal. The CTSI will have attractive and consistent identity elements to improve it’s branding and positioning as a fundamental enabler of improvement in clinical and translational research at UF and beyond.


New CTSI identity elements were completed and published as part of the new portal launch in January 2011.