Strategic Planning for the Center for Clinical Trials Research


The Center for Clinical Trials Research (CCTR) operates a Phase 1 clinical trial unit on Archer Road. The unit has 48 beds and can manage all aspects of “first in man” studies. The unit faces some financial challenges. Recently, the unit became part of the UF CTSI. CTSI leadership is interested in potentially having the unit serve an expanded role in the UF clinical research enterprise.

The Warrington College of Business Administration (WBCA) Center for Experiential Learning provides opportunities for its students to address real-world problems. Working together, the CTSI and the Warrington College of Business will consider strategic planning for the CCTR. The WCBA refers to this project as “Gatornest.”

Goals and Objectives

  1. Review financial status and market for CCTR services as currently offered.
  2. Review general market conditions for additional CCTR activity.
  3. Review UF conditions for support of additional CCTR activity.
  4. Make recommendations in the form of a strategic plan regarding future directions for the CCTR.

Team and Sponsors

The planning team consists of students from the Warrington College of Business under the direction of Dr. Ted Astleford working with members of the CTSI, including Connie Stone and Dr. Carl Pepine.


The CCTR will have a new strategic plan that we hope can be executed over the course of the coming grant year (begins April 1) to improve the financial viability of the center while creating greater opportunities for UF clinical research involving the center.


Planning will be completed during the spring term.