Study Registry


In collaboration with UF’s four Institutional Review Boards, UF Health and research teams across UF, the CTSI is developing a study registry to:

  • Expand access to information about UF’s actively enrolling research studies;
  • Improve the university’s ability to understand, promote and strengthen UF’s portfolio of human subject research.

The CTSI Study Registry project will create a comprehensive data set with consistently defined data elements for all human subject research studies approved at UF since 2008.

The data collected will be used in two ways:

  • Selected data elements for actively enrolling studies are publicly available on a website called UF StudyConnect (, which individuals can use to search for opportunities to participate in research. This component launched in January 2012.
  • The full data set will enable the CTSI and other stakeholders to analyze aspects of UF’s human subject research portfolio such as areas of research, types of research and translational stages of research (T1-T4).

Background: The Need

The University of Florida does not currently have comprehensive data regarding its human subject research. Such data is housed separately by UF’s four Institutional Review Boards:

Each IRB keeps its own records in its own formats. The CTSI Study Registry project will create a single, comprehensive, electronic resource listing all UF human subject research studies across all IRBs.

Project Team and Partners

The CTSI Study Registry project is a collaborative effort involving the UF CTSI, the four UF IRBs and UF Health. See below for a list of project team members and partners.

Project Team

TaJuana Chisholm, Katie Eddleton, Bethany Tennant, Sherie Laurens, Olivia Davey, Avani Agrawal


Betsy Shenkman, Wajeeh Bajwa, David Nelson

Subject Matter Experts

Michael Mahoney, H. Robert Kolb, Cheryl Dykeman, Ira Fischler, Denise Long, Tina Bottini, Alan Berger, Belinda Carlton, Sheila Austin, Carlos Morales, Sean Jeng, Claire Baralt

Project Impact

This project creates a fundamental new capability for UF. We will have a unified registry of all human subject research at UF. The registry’s online component connects interested individuals with information about research studies that are open for enrollment. The registry also will facilitate analysis of the types of human subject research conducted across UF.

Preview Video and FAQs

The CTSI hosted a study registry preview and Q&A session on Dec. 8, 2011. See below for a video of the event or download the following informational resources:

  • CTSI Study Registry Overview
  • CTSI Study Registry FAQs
  • UF StudyConnect: An Overview
  • UF StudyConnect: How to Add Study Listings
  • UF StudyConnect: How to Find and Modify or Remove Study Listings

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CTSI Study Registry Preview and Q&A:
Presentation by Michael Conlon, Ph.D., Associate Director & COO, UF CTSI
Q&A with Dr. Conlon; Wajeeh Bajwa, Ph.D., Director of the CTSI Regulatory Knowledge and Research Support Program; and Michael Mahoney, Assistant Director, UF IRBs


To learn more, contact the CTSI Study Registry team at