Annual Progress Report (APR)

Submission of a Clinical and Translational Science Award – Non-Competing Continuation Progress Report (PHS 2590) which covers linked UL1, KL2 and TL1 grants is required annually. The UF CTSI APR is due annually on February 1st.

This annual progress report includes an ongoing process for collecting, compiling and submitting required information/data regarding the activities of the UF CTSI and evidence of the resulting benefits to investigators. The APR includes 39 components that reflect how and who benefits from the support, services and resources of the UF CTSI.

Investigators are encouraged to acknowledge and cite support from UF CTSI in presentations, proposals and publications. This acknowledgement is required by the NIH and critical to the accuracy of the APR. Please see Citing the CTSI, for instructions regarding citing CTSI support in your work.


For further information contact Claire Baralt, Director of Strategy and Communications, at or (352) 273-8211.