Subscribing to the News

Several options are available for learning about CTSI news and events.

You may use an internet technology called RSS (Real Simple Syndication). RSS provides “channels” of related stories that can be displayed on your phone, in your browser, on your desktop or laptop computer. Software (apps) for reading news are quite popular and readily attained for many operating systems and devices.

The UF CTSI portal displays all its news via RSS channels. That means you can subscribe to our RSS channels to get news of interest, based on topics. You can get only research news, or only news of upcoming events.

The UF CTSI publishes news in several categories. Most stories appear in more than one category. So, for example, a research seminar would appear in both “research” and “events.” If you subscribe to just research or just events, you will still see the news item. If you subscribe to both, you’ll see it on both channels.

Below is more information about the CTSI’s RSS channels and how to subscribe.

UF CTSI News Categories

  • News. All items are posted to the news channel. Subscribing to the news channel will deliver all the stories the CTSI produces.
  • Events. Events of all kinds — seminars, visitors.
  • About. Articles about the UF CTSI and its programs and projects and governance.
  • Feature. Contains the featured stories from the UF CTSI site. These stories are displayed on the home page and announce major changes or new developments in the UF CTSI and CTS at UF.
  • Research. Stories of interest to researchers.
  • Education. Stories regarding educational opportunities.
  • Community. Stories related to community engagement.
  • CTSA. Stories regarding the national CTSA consortium. The UF CTSI provides this feed as a service to the CTSA consortium and the people it serves. Primary sources are stories posted to the CTSAweb site and the NCRR web site.
  • UF Health. Stories from UF Health.

RSS Readers

RSS Readers exist for all popular operating systems and devices. Some examples are:

  • Windows: Internet Explorer. News Widget for Windows 7.
  • Macintosh: Safari, NewsMac.
  • iPhone: Pulse, Pro RSS Reader, Manifesto
  • iPad: Pulse
  • Android phone: gReader, FeedR

How to Subscribe

Your news reader will have instructions regarding subscribing to news channels. Every news channel has an Internet address, a URL. The URLs for the UF CTSI channels all have the form:

More About RSS

For more about RSS, see the Wikipedia article Happy news reading!


Need help with configuring your local RSS software? Please contact your local IT support.

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