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Clinical Research

UF Health expedites clinical data-sharing across UF

To expedite clinical data delivery, UF Health’s data experts are introducing ready-for-use, UF Institutional Review Board-approved patient record registries to help faculty and staff advance medical knowledge and the delivery of care.

Aerosol Generating Procedures in UF CRC

Aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) are procedures performed on patients that are more likely to generate higher concentrations of infectious respiratory aerosols than coughing, sneezing, talking or breathing. These AGPs may put healthcare workers (HCW) at an increased risk for exposure and infection. AGPs can induce the production of aerosols of…

Scholarships available for clinical research professional certification

Are you a UF clinical research professional, with at least two years of experience, interested in professional certification? The Division of Research Operations and Services (DROS) in partnership with the UF CTSI and the Clinical Research Professionals Advisory Council (CrPAC) is accepting applications for scholarship funding that can be applied…

New Clinical Research Professionals Co-Mentoring Training program

The UF Health Clinical Research Professionals Consortium and the UF Clinical Translational Science Institute, with support from the UF Office of Research, are pleased to announce a new professional development program for clinical research professionals. The Clinical Research Professionals Co-Mentoring Training begins this fall. This program will offer access to…