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Fredenburg to head CTSI Biorepository

The CTSI is pleased to announce Kristianna Fredenburg, M.D.,Ph.D., an assistant professor in the department of pathology, immunology, and laboratory medicine in the UF College of Medicine, as the new director of the CTSI Biorepository. Fredenburg replaces Michael Clare-Salzler, M.D., a professor and chair of the…

Black Voices in Research – Episode 1

As part of our mission to cultivate and engage each other in honest and vulnerable conversations about race, the UF CSTI Diversity and Cultural Competence Council (DC3) introduces our inaugural Black Voices in Research Storytelling Event.

Grant will train community health workers

Linda B. Cottler, Ph.D., MPH, FACE, CTSI community engagement program director, is a principal investigator on the grant with researchers from the University of Michigan and the University of California-Davis.

CTSI pilots, other efforts speed COVID-19 research

UF Health leaders have taken steps to speed novel coronavirus research, recognizing the urgent need to provide answers and options to the communities they serve. There are two key components of this effort: IRB retooled its approval process for coronavirus trials, and the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute, or CTSI, set up a $2 million pilot research fund for scientists with translational projects that can be rapidly mobilized.