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Achieving Excellence and Integrity with Responsible Conduct of Research

At CTSI, we lead with integrity and distinction in all our endeavors. Excellence requires continuous improvement, accountability, and the courage to recognize that there is always more we can do to deliver the highest quality performance. CTSI embodies excellence in many ways, and today we will showcase just one resource…

UF Health expedites clinical data-sharing across UF

To expedite clinical data delivery, UF Health’s data experts are introducing ready-for-use, UF Institutional Review Board-approved patient record registries to help faculty and staff advance medical knowledge and the delivery of care.

What is the CTSI Recruitment Center?

Thanks to the UF Institutional Review Board, Dr. Elizabeth Flood-Grady had an opportunity to present the CTSI Recruitment Center services and expertise at the IRB Brown Bag lunch on March 9, 2022. This 50-minute video will help you understand how your study’s recruitment needs can be met via social media…

New institutional social media guidelines available

Updated social media guidelines have been posted online on the UF Office of Research website, as of Dec. 20, 2021. This document offers general guidelines for research teams planning to use social media, which is defined as web 2.0 applications for individuals and groups to create specific profiles and pages…