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citizen scientist program

Research coordinator Damian Alderman demonstrates how to access grant-related materials to Claudia Harris, who participates in the UF CTSI’s citizen scientist program.

University of Florida researchers partner with groups throughout the state and the nation to conduct many different kinds of health research studies, including clinical trials. Studies may involve participants with specific health conditions as well as healthy volunteers.

Many people might consider participating in research but do not know how to find studies that are right for them. At the same time, important studies are sometimes forced to end before they are completed because researchers cannot find enough people to participate. The UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute helps connect people with research opportunities.

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Find research studies and opportunities

UF Health Research Studies & Clinical Trials

Find clinical trials and health research studies that are enrolling participants at UF Health


Discuss your health needs with a community health worker and learn about research opportunities as well as medical and social services that might be available to you

Join a national registry of volunteers willing to learn more about research studies

UF CTSI Citizen Scientist Program

Learn about opportunities to get involved as a collaborator throughout the research process, including identifying study topics, study design, recruitment, retention, interpretation of the findings, and information dissemination

Learn more about clinical research and how it’s conducted

NIH Clinical Research Trials and You

Source: U.S. National Institutes of Health

Clinical Trials: What Patients Need to Know

Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration Patient Network

Learn About Clinical Studies

Source: (a service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health)

Clinical Research Education Center

Source: Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation