Learn About Health Information Exchange

Physician with childHealth Information is a complicated name for a simple idea — your doctor should have the information she/he needs to take care of you and your family.

It turns out, that’s a bit more complicated than you may think. Who has your medical records? If you have more than one caregiver, then each caregiver has their own records of the care they provided to you.

Your pharmacy knows what they dispensed to you, your family physician knows when they saw you, your dentist, your optometrist, the emergency room and others all have separate records.

In most cases, there is no “medical record” for you. There are only the medical records of your caregivers that they have made while taking care of you.

Does this matter to you? It should. Your caregivers have incomplete information. They may not know the last time you received care. They only know the last time they provided care to you. It is better for your caregivers and for you if the people who care for you have complete medical records about you.

Health Information Exchange may help address this problem. Suppose you were able to allow caregivers to get your medical records from your other providers. And suppose this happened quickly (within minutes), securely and under your control.

Community-based health information exchange is an effort to provide this service to you at a very nominal cost. Local health care providers and community advocates have come together to discuss the feasibility of creating health information exchange for North Central Florida. The technology exists, the need is here, the time is now.


For more information on Health Information Exchange in North Central Florida, please contact:

Kendra I. Siler-Marsiglio, PhD, HCC
President/CEO, CommunityHealth IT
NASA/Kennedy Space Center, AMF Center for Space Education
Email: Kendra.Siler@CommunityHealthIT.org 
Phone: (904) 318-5803
Website: CommunityHealthIT.org

Principal address:
Astronaut Memorial Foundation
The Center for Space Education S.R. 405
Bldg M6-306
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899