Translational Science Casting Call

Ever wonder how scientific discoveries make it to your doctor’s office?

Translational science orchestrates each stage of that journey, from the moment of discovery to improvements in health. In Florida, the University of Florida, Florida State University and University of Miami collaborate as part of a national network working together to accelerate discoveries toward better health. The network is funded by the National Institutes of Health’s Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) program, which is led by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences. Check out the video and resources below to learn about the roles you can play.

UF Health Communications creative team: Alex Mills, Carlos Campos, Claire Baralt, Chris Bilowich

Become a Research Participant

UF Resources

  • UF Health Research Studies & Clinical Trials, searchable listings of clinical trials and health research studies that are enrolling participants at UF Health
  • UF HealthStreet, a program that connects Northeast Florida residents to community health workers to learn about research opportunities as well as medical and social services


National Resources


Inspire and Train the Next Generation

UF Resources


Explore a Career in Translational Science


Support Translational Science

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Meet the creative team!

These members of the UF Health Communications team collaborated to produce “Translational Science Casting Call.” Click each picture to learn more about their roles and work at the University of Florida.

Alex Mills, team lead
Alex Mills –  team lead, script
Carlos Campos, animation, planning & concept development
Carlos Campos – animation
Claire Baralt, script writing, editing & concept development
Claire Baralt – script, planning
Chris Bilowich, planning & concept development
Chris Bilowich – planning