OneFlorida+ Clinical Research Network


OneFlorida+ Clinical Research Network

Improving Health Research and Outcomes

UF Health and the UF CTSI serve as the coordinating center for the OneFlorida+ Clinical Research Network (formerly OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium), which unites researchers, clinicians, patients and stakeholders across Florida and in select Georgia and Alabama cities to address some of today’s biggest health challenges.

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OneFL Partner Map

Established in 2013 by Elizabeth Shenkman, Ph.D., and David R. Nelson, M.D., the OneFlorida+ Clinical Research Network collaboratively integrates and expands programs developed by the UF CTSI and its partners, including the UF CTSI Citizen Scientist Program, the UF CTSI Learning Health System Program,  the UF CTSI-led Precision Health Initiative, the UF Health Precision Medicine Program, and the UF Health Precision Health Center-The Villages.

OneFlorida+ is also part of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)-funded national clinical data research network known as PCORnet. This national resource brings together health data, research expertise and patient insights to deliver fast, trustworthy answers to important health issues, and to advance health outcomes nationwide. 

Network Partners

OneFlorida+’s network of hospitals, health centers and affiliated clinics, and physician-owned practices offer a wealth of resources and tools to facilitate clinical research at an accelerated pace.

Research-Ready Clinics

Our network partners enable researchers to conduct pragmatic clinical trials and other interventional studies in eligible, research-ready clinics with patients who have already consented to participate in clinical research.


Looking for an expert or medical specialist? OneFlorida+’s partner network includes top-ranked academic centers, hospitals, clinics, community health centers, state agencies and other key stakeholders with expertise in hundreds of medical specialties.

Fresh Perspectives

OneFlorida+ partners are committed to engaging citizen scientists and other stakeholders in health research. Engaging stakeholders can provide the study team with valuable insights and different perspectives that increase the usefulness, usability and accessibility of study findings. Our administrators also routinely confer with citizen scientists, health system leaders, clinicians and other stakeholders to strengthen OneFlorida+ resources and infrastructure and improve health research.


Our diverse, real-world patient populations include many groups that have been historically underrepresented in clinical research, such as women, adults aged 65 and older, minority and ethnic groups such as Blacks and Hispanics, and residents of rural areas. Increasing diversity in patient recruiting helps identify and address longstanding health disparities, leads to more reliable and equitable results, and produces more realistic and implementable recommendations.

OneFlorida+ Data Trust

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The Data Trust is regularly updated with the inclusion of new partners and data refreshes from existing partners. All data are cleaned, transformed, curated and contained in a centralized data warehouse, allowing streamlined inquiries and uniform results based on high-quality data. Legal agreements for data use and use of OneFlorida+’s centralized IRB have already been negotiated with all partners, reducing paperwork and administrative burden.

The Data Trust houses claims and encounter data for about 17 million patients[TL1] , including Floridians enrolled in Medicaid and robust patient-level electronic health record data from public and private health care systems. Data include diagnoses, procedures, medications, patient demographics, unique patient codes for re-identification by network partners, exposome data on the natural, built and social environments, and other data elements in the PCORnet Common Data Model (CDM).

OneFlorida+ Services

Scientists and clinicians across the Southeast rely on the OneFlorida+ Data Trust to support a variety of research activities, including hypothesis generation, cohort discovery, prep-to-research activities, participant enrollment, observational studies, research workflow (such as informed consent and eligibility determination), and study data collection.

Data Services

– Instructions and training for data inquiries and cohort identification.
– Individual consultations with data experts.

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Administrative Services

– Centralized IRB streamlines the approval process for studies involving human subjects, thus reducing paperwork and administrative burden.
– OneFlorida+ IRB Specialist available to provide advice and support about regulatory changes and other issues.
– Maintenance of Certification trainings.

CTSI Biorepository

Research Services

– Free initial consultation to introduce investigators to OneFlorida+ resources and infrastructure.
– Study implementation consultations to discuss study components, budget requirements, timelines and expectations.
– Communications support for participant recruitment and dissemination of research findings.

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