Biomedical Scientists as Educators Certificate


A 9-credit hour, Biomedical Scientist as Educator Certificate, sponsored by CTSI and the College of Medicine will prepare the next generation of biomedical scientists for proficiency as faculty. These courses, taught with didactic, reflective, and hands-on experiential learning activities have been designed to certify that program participants will be prepared to teach, conduct educational research and mentor students upon entry into their future academic positions. Courses are taught online. Cohort-instructor interactions will occur via the use of online discussion boards. This approach is intended to maximize flexibility for the working professional who has significant laboratory and/or clinical responsibilities. Students will develop course products and outcomes relevant to the development of an educational portfolio. The average workload is estimated at about 3-4 hours per week.


1. GMS 6951 Teaching Biomedical Science (2 credits) – Fall 2017
Students will acquire the skills necessary for creating and modifying biomedical science courses through a combination of self-awareness activities and information that informs teaching. Students will use their skills to: (a) write a teaching philosophy and (b) draft components of their biomedical science course syllabus. No prerequisite.

2. GMS 6952 Curricular Models for Biomedical Science (3 credits) – Spring 2018
Students will be introduced to various models of teaching and their related instructional strategies. A major emphasis will be on (a) assisting students in the development of their teaching repertoire in biomedical science content, (b) adding new instructional strategies and (c) developing and revising biomedical science curriculum for courses that they will teach prospectively. 6951 Teaching Biomedical Science is a prerequisite.

3. PHA 6935 Assessing Effectiveness of Biomedical Science Teaching and Curricula (3 credits) -Summer 2018
Students will receive an overview of the theory of evaluation and apply practice connections to conducting an evaluation study. Working together, students will develop a proposal for an evaluation study, undertake a component of the proposed evaluation study, write and present related findings. GMS 6951 Teaching Biomedical Science and GMS 6952 Curricular Models for Biomedical Science are prerequisites.

4. PHA 6935 Art and Science of Mentoring (1 credit) – Summer 2018
Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills required to effectively mentor other professionals who are in early stages of career development and to enhance their own experiences as mentees. Students will use their skills to: (a) complete an individual development plan, (b) identify ethical dilemmas in mentoring and describe strategies to prevent them, and (c) articulate their own mentoring philosophy. GMS 6951 Teaching Biomedical Science, GMS 6952 Curricular Models for Biomedical Science, and GMS 6954 Assessing Effectiveness of Biomedical Science Teaching and Curricula are prerequisites.
Participants must apply for the certificate at University of Florida online Certificate Application: *current students: (apply current ) or *new students (faculty/postdoc): (apply new ) <> please email once application has been submitted