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Clinical trials are critical for developing and delivering evidence-based care, and clinical researchers are vital members of the research team. The CTSI offers study groups, seminar series, certification, professional associations and other online resources to expand and enhance research at UF, making a difference in patients’ lives.

Amber Bouton, CCRP/CCRC

Clinical Research/IRB Director in the UF Department of Medicine, Division of Surgery

For me, attaining certifications was a must. I knew that by earning and maintaining research professional credentialing, I would set myself apart. Research is my passion, and I wanted to be respected as a knowledgeable, reliable, trained and thoroughly experienced research professional

Certificate of Basic Coordinator Training

Experienced research coordinators are in demand both locally and nationwide. The CTSI Certificate of Basic Coordinator Training provides entry-level education for those who wish to become a clinical research coordinator. Potential students include health professionals working in nursing, nutrition, respiratory therapy, occupational/ physical therapy, or similar allied health fields. The certificate program consists of two required courses and one optional course. These courses can be taken in any order. Students set their own pace, and most are expected to complete all requirements in approximately two semesters. For more information, email Mendy Dunn.

Full-time UF employees: You could be eligible for tuition assistance through the Employee Education Program. To register, go to  Checklist for Students Attending UF , select non-degree student registration, and  click here for the non-degree registration form.  When you fill out your form, select the college from the dropdown menu (be sure to select the option that includes “Employee Education Program” in the name). Currently Registered UF Students, follow the deadlines listed here.

GMS 7093- Optional

Introduction to Clinical/ Translational Research (ICTR)

A highly interactive series presented by leading faculty from the Health Science Center

Level Up!

UF Employees can register for these courses through MyTraining by searching with the Activity Code.

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