CTSI Seminar Series

The CTSI coordinates an ongoing seminar series to promote clinical and translational research at UF:

  • Visit the CTSI Calendar to browse upcoming seminars (typically announced two to three weeks in advance).
  • Visit the CTSI Seminar Series Video Archive to view more than 50 seminars on demand.

If you have a potential speaker, or would like to give a seminar yourself, please contact us to see if this would fit within our schedule and goals. Collaboration is a key to translational research, and we try to promote that with the seminar speakers. Several new contacts and research projects have resulted from faculty members learning about each other’s work at these meetings. We also allow time at the end of each seminar for discussion and questions.

In addition, we invite outstanding outside speakers to visit UF and give a talk that we can archive for future use. In fact, we have more people viewing the archives than the live lectures in most cases.

We also encourage talks jointly supported by the CTSI and other units at UF. These can be arranged at different locations and will also be archived for future viewing. Several departments have found this a good way to promote translational collaborations with their faculty members, and to generate a video link for future referencing.

We are open to suggestions on format and content as we maintain this key function of the CTSI.


Claire Baralt, CTSI Director of Strategy and Communications
Email: cbaralt@ufl.edu
Phone: 352-273-8211