Training Grant Administration Resources

Administering a training grant?

You’re not alone! The T Team of training grants administrators is on hand to answer your questions and provide advice. Please make use of the resources below to address your program’s and your appointees’ needs. Make sure to adapt these generalized resources to the specifics of your department and program.


Please stay tuned for the announcement of our next workshop for T Team Administrators in November 2018.

T Team of Training Grants Administrators

Ronda Breton
(352) 273-8832
Specialty: Taxes and Health Insurance
Conroy Smith
(352) 273-5232
Specialty: xTrain
Brittney Shealy Johnson
(352) 273-5647
Specialty: Appointments
Christina Mason
(352) 294-8118
Specialty: Budgets and Allowable Expenses
Debbie Burgess
(352) 273-6392
Specialty: Appointments & Payroll