Clinical Research Professionals

Clinical trials are critical for developing and delivering evidence-based care. Trial success often depends on clinical-research professionals’ work as vital members of the research team. The CTSI Translational Workforce Development Program offers the following opportunities for clinical-research professionals, such as research coordinators and nurses.

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Opportunities such as study groups for research certification, seminar series, professional associations and online resources help to grow research at UF and make a difference in patients’ lives.

“For me, attaining certifications was a must,” said Amber Bouton, CCRP/CCRC, clinical research/IRB director in the UF department of medicine, division of surgery. “I knew that by earning and maintaining research professional credentialing, I would set myself apart. Research is my passion, and I wanted to be respected as a knowledgeable, reliable, trained, and thoroughly experienced research professional.”

Amber Bouton, CCRP/CCRC, clinical research/IRB director in the UF department of medicine, division of surgery

Amber Bouton, CCRP/CCRC, clinical research/IRB director in the UF department of medicine, division of surgery

CTSI Certificate of Basic Coordinator Training

Entry-level education for those who wish to become a clinical research coordinator, including health professionals working in nursing, nutrition, respiratory therapy, occupational/ physical therapy, or similar allied health fields.

Clinical Research Professionals Advisory Council

An ongoing forum for networking and resource sharing within the clinical research community at UF.

Activities include:

Seminars on the last Friday of the month from noon to 1 p.m focus on topics that aim to foster development and share resources.

  • Diversity & Cultural Competence Council (DC3)

This council was established to help UF clinical research professionals become competent communicators and actors in the intersectional areas of diversity and culture. With the clinical research professional and community member in mind, this council seeks to develop opportunities in raising awareness of distinct needs for diversity and inclusion, while identifying and disseminating best-practice information in the UF clinical research community. Want to join the council? Contact Bob Kolb.

Research Coordinator Certification Study Groups

Facilitated study groups for clinical research professionals seeking national certification.

Research Coordinator Leadership Development Program

Six-month program with monthly two-hour sessions designed to develop the next generation of leaders in the field of research coordination. Email Bob Kolb if you are interested.

Clinical Research: Professional Associations

List of associations offering professional development and certification programs to clinical research professionals.

LibGuides for Clinical Research

This guide is designed to be a resource for those conducting clinical research at UF. It includes tabs for resources, training, IRB, safety and ethics, standards and templates and professional associations.

Join the Research Coordinator online community

The Next National Research Coordinator Consortium (NRCC) provides an ongoing forum for deliberate and meaningful discussions around the multifaceted, expanding role of coordinators among the Clinical and Translational Science Award hubs. Contact Bob Kolb to subscribe to the listserv.