CTSI Certificate of Basic Coordinator Training

Certification can lead to many different career possibilities that can include clinical and commercial applications with greater professional growth and higher levels of pay.

Experienced research coordinators are in demand both locally and nationwide. The CTSI Certificate of Basic Coordinator Training provides entry-level education for those who wish to become a clinical research coordinator. Potential students include health professionals working in nursing, nutrition, respiratory therapy, occupational/ physical therapy, or similar allied health fields.

The certificate program consists of two required courses and one optional course. These courses can be taken in any order. Students set their own pace, and most are expected to complete all requirements in approximately two semesters.

Required Courses

Research Methods and Experimental Design

An online course offered by the College of Health and Human Performance. The primary objective is for students to explore and investigate the research process and become familiar with knowledge about a variety of important topics including how to conduct scientific inquiries. Additional objectives involve expanding the philosophical and ethical issues of research, locating and critically evaluating published articles, evaluating electronic sources for topics and journal articles, learning problem-solving procedures and research terminology, creating experimental designs and making analytical decisions. A final project involves writing a model IRB proposal.

Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI)

An online course in human subject protections. These include the Good Clinical Practice Course, Basic Course and the Biomedical Research Investigators and Key Personnel Course.

Optional Course

GMS 7093 Introduction to Clinical/Translational Research (ICTR)

A highly interactive series of sessions presented over two weeks in July by leading faculty from the UF Health Science Center. Topics include basic elements of study design, database design and management, health center resources, regulatory issues, and biostatistical considerations. Small groups meet daily to develop a proposal for a multidisciplinary research project.

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