Mentor Academy

your gateway to honing the art of mentorship for clinical and translational scientists

Empowering Mentors, Elevating Research

Led by program founder, Roger Fillingim, PhD, this academy offers research mentors the opportunity to develop their mentoring skills, creating a culture of support for both mentors and mentees at all career stages.

Mentor Academy
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The Mentor Academy is a gateway to honing the art of mentorship for clinical and translational scientists. Since its inception in 2013, Mentor Academy has been the cornerstone of UF’s mentoring community, offering resources and insights to guide effective mentoring practices.

Course Overview

Through bi-weekly sessions spanning four months, Mentor Academy covers all aspects of mentorship and how it can be leveraged to empower mentors and mentees, elevate research, and foster a culture of support at every career level. Topics include:

  1. Mentoring across Diversity
  2. Maintaining Effective Communication
  3. Aligning Expectations and Assessing Understanding
  4. Promoting Well-Being
  5. Fostering Independence and Promoting Professional Development
  6. Ethics and Professionalism in Mentoring
  7. Articulating your Mentoring Philosophy and Plan

Members & Alumni

More than 150 members from nine colleges have participated in the CTSI Mentor Academy’s Master Mentor program since its launch in 2013. See what they have to say about the program:

“Following completion of the Mentor Academy, I was nominated for a Superior Accomplishment Award with specific mention of my mentor style. I credit many of my skills to the program.”

Catherine Price, PhD – 2017 alumni

All Members of the Mentor Academy

Name Department college year
Alex H Yoon Surgery Medicine 2024
Ellen L Terry Nursing Medicine 2024
David W Hammers Pharmacology and Therapeutics Medicine 2024
Jonathan Bird Pharmacology and Therapeutics Medicine 2024
Larissa J Strath Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics Medicine 2024
Adrienn G Varga Pharmacology and Therapeutics Medicine 2024
Luis R. Martinez Oral Biology Dentistry 2024
Nikhil Urs Pharmacology and Therapeutics Medicine 2024
Holger Russ Pharmacology and Therapeutics Medicine 2024
Shama D Karanth Surgery Medicine 2024

“The Mentor Academy was the most enjoyable professional development program I’ve done in my 15 years at UF. The community and diversity of thought have helped me approach new situations.”

Benjamin Lok, PhD – 2016 alumni


Roger B Fillingim

Roger B Fillingim PhD

Associate Dean Of Planning And Institutional Effectiveness, Distinguished Professor, Director Of PRICE
Phone: (352) 273-5963