Inspiring Women Leaders Ignite Bite: Sustaining Joy in Leadership ft. Mendy Dunn, MSN, RN

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Course Description

From Team Members, to Managers, to Chief Operating Officers, how do smart businesswomen sustain their joy while achieving the highest levels of production and performance? How do they nurture themselves and their organizations?

This program will focus on strategies to sustain joy through an examination of organizational missions, purpose, and leadership. It will also discuss the need for networks and give tips for developing quality mentoring relationships.

Learner Outcomes

  • Understand the need for conviction and belief in your cause
  • Define your purpose and strive to meet it
  • Buy into your mission or help shape a new mission for your organization
  • Use the strategy of Reframe the negative / Pivot to the Positive
  • Understand the need for networks and how to grow your Venn diagrams
  • Learn how to empower your team and lead them to success
  • Develop quality mentoring relationships


  • E. Mendy Dunn, MSN, RN
    E. Mendy Dunn, MSN, RN