Wells Brain Tumor Center Seminar

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Visiopharm: Pathology image analysis software from H&E and IHC to multiplex and beyond

James R. Mansfield

James R. Mansfield is a scientist with over 30 years of experience, the last 15 of which have been in multiplex pathology and the in-situ phenotyping of immune cells. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Research Business Development at Visiopharm, where he is working on their strategy for multiplex pathology image analysis. Prior to this, James was Scientific Director at Magnetic Insight Inc, a start-up commercializing a novel molecular imaging technology called magnetic particle imaging (MPI). Before this role, he had senior positions at Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, Inc (CRi) and PerkinElmer. During his time at PerkinElmer, he played a leading role in the team that commercialized multispectral imaging for pathology.