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The National Institutes of Health supports the lion’s share of UF’s Health Science Center research, fellowship, and career development awards. The mechanisms are many, and they are tailored to each phase of an investigator’s growth. We offer the resources below to help UF investigators apply for Fellowship awards (Fs), Career Development awards (Ks), Loan Repayment awards (LRPs), and for faculty members to apply for Training Grant awards (Ts). The various Fs are targeted towards PhD, MD-PhD, and Postdoctoral trainees; Ks are for Postdoctoral and early-career faculty, and Training Grants, once awarded and established, are for short-term, predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees depending on the award mechanism. For more information on each type of award, visit the NIH’s Research Training kiosks.

NIH Programs

At last count, the NIH provides funding for training through early career development in 30 ways. From F30s all the way to K99s, something is sure to fit your trainee level and research interest!

CTSI People

Many UF HSC trainees find their way to NIH-supported, CTSI-facilitated training or fellowship awards. Use the searchable table on this page to find out more about them.

CTSI Programs

The CTSI, under the parameters of its own NIH CTSA award, develops programming to connect investigators with federal research support.

At the CTSI, we’re all about providing you with the basic ingredients for NIH Fellowship, Career Development and Training Grant applications. Search this table by the kind of proposal you envision, and make sure to customize each resource according to your proposal’s Research Funding Announcement (RFA).



Use For


Biosketch-FormDFellowship biosketchFellowships (Fs)2023
FacilitiesSelect relevant sectionsFellowships (Fs), Training Grants (Ts) and Career Development Awards (Ks)2022
HSC Graduate CertificatesSelect relevant sectionsFellowships (Fs), Training Grants (Ts) and Career Development Awards (Ks)2022
Responsible Conduct of ResearchSample Plan- customizeTraining Grants (Ts)2023
Enhancing ReproducibilitySample Plan- customizeTraining Grants (Ts)2023
Career and Professional DevelopmentSample Plan- customizeCareer Development Awards (Ks)2023
Recruitment and RetentionSample Plan- customizeTraining Grants (Ts)2022
Prevention of Discriminatory Harassment on NIH TsLetter to the NIH from Dr. Norton- IncludeTraining Grants (Ts)2019
Mentoring CompactSample Plan- customizeFellowships (Fs), Training Grants (Ts) and Career Development Awards (Ks)2019
Evaluation Survey ScalesEvaluate Trainee and Mentor CompetencyTraining Grants (Ts)2019
Evaluation Focus Group GuideUse for T focus groupsTraining Grants (Ts)2019
Trainee ConsentInformed Consent for T focus groupsTraining Grants (Ts)2019

Workshop Archive



Application Details


SIG-HEIShared Instrumentation Grant (SIG) and High-End Instrumentation (HEI);
Interested faculty must apply through the Office of Research via the InfoReady system
HEI- InfoReady4
SIG- InfoReady4
Pilot StudyPilot Studies form an essential element of successful NIH R applicationsFunding may be sought from UF, the private sector, industry, and state and federal programs2017
The NIH LRP Application




Terminal Degree

Terminal Degree Year

Initial Position

Current Position

Jared SilverJared SilverMD-PhDMD-PhD2010Resident of Internal Medicine at the University of VirginiaMedical Lead, Nucala-US Medical Affairs at GlaxoSmithKline
Stephanie YarnellStephanie YarnellMD-PhDMD-PhD2013Fellow of Forensic Psychiatry at Yale UniversityChief of Forensic Services at the Rhode Island Health System
Lauren FishbeinLauren FishbeinMD-PhD; F30MD-PhD2006Resident of Endocrinology at HarvardAssociate Professor of Endocrinology at University of Colorado
Adam MeccaAdam MeccaMD-PhD; F30MD-PhD2012Resident of Psychiatry at Yale UniversityAssistant Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University
Alfredo SklarAlfredo SklarMD-PhD; F30; K23MD-PhD2016Resident of Psychiatry at the University of PittsburghAssistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh
Martin WegmanMartin WegmanMD-PhD; F30; Together TL1MD-PhD2018Resident of Emergency Medicine at Yale UniversitySenior Research Fellow of Clinical Affairs at the American College of Emergency Physicians
Brittney NewbyBrittney NewbyMD-PhD; F30MD-PhD2019Resident of Pediatrics at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Alok SwaroopAlok SwaroopMD-PhD; F30MD-PhD2019Resident of Hematoloy/Oncology at Northwestern University
Kyulim LeeKyulim LeeMD-PhD; F30DMD-PhD2020Postdoc Assoc of Oral Biology at the University of FloridaResident of Pediatric Dentistry at Nationwide Children's Hospital
Michael MassengillMichael MassengillMD-PhD; F30MD-PhD2020Resident of Ophthalmology at the University of Illinois, Chicago
Adam GrippinAdam GrippinMD-PhD; F30; Together TL1MD-PhD2021Resident of Radiation Oncology at the University of Central FloridaResident of Radiation Oncology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center