Submit Your Presentation Details

Expectations: Present your COVID-19 research for 5 minutes on the Zoom scheduled for your specific session. We will allow you to share your screen and advance your own slides. Should there be technical difficulties, providing the slides to us ahead of time will allow us to have them ready for you as a backup. (See schedule – the order will be what is outlined on the schedule on the website.)

At least 3 days beforehand (Feb. 2), via this form:

  1. Please provide a copy of your PowerPoint slides (we suggest no more than 5 slides).
  2. Please provide an abstract of your research (3-5 sentences). (If you provided a COVID-19 research abstract, it is available on the website to review.)
  3. Please designate one person to who will be the primary speaker for your group/research. (This way we can call on you when it’s your turn.)