NIH Training Programs at the University of Florida

The University of Florida partners with the National Institutes of Health to provide training opportunities for the next generation of scientists. As of May 2020, this partnership supports the training of 79 PhD students, 34 postdoctoral trainees, 20 medical students on short-term research rotations, and 7 undergraduates interested in health science research. To find out more about each training program, please visit its web page (linked in the table below).

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PhD students and Postdoctoral trainees in search of a prestigious training opportunity at the University of Florida? Welcome, and explore at your leisure.

Basic Microbiology & Infectious Disease

Since 1978, graduates of this training program have gone on to careers in academia, federal research & regulatory agencies, and biotechnology companies.

Short-Term Training for Medical Students in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research


Research Training in Vision Science


Molecular Biology in Burns and Trauma


Interdisciplinary Training in Neuromuscular Plasticity and Rehabilitation


Regenerative Medicine Training Grant


Comprehensive Training Program in Oral Biology

Beginning in 2011, the Comprehensive Training Program in Oral Biology has prepared PhD & Postdoctoral trainees for careers in academia, healthcare, biotechnology, and science writing. The program supports 8 PhD & 5 Postdoc trainees.

University of Florida Substance Abuse Training Center in Public Health

Since its inception in 2014, this program has placed nearly all of its graduates in academic positions. Trainees focus on the prevention & epidemiology of substance abuse from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Integrative and Multidisciplinary Pain & Aging Research Training

In 2015, researchers at the University of Florida established the IMPART training program for Postdoctoral trainees. Graduates of this program will leverage their experience to design preclinical & clinical research approaches addressing the interplay of aging and pain.

Together: Transforming and Translating Discovery to Improve Health


Interdisciplinary Training in Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration


GatorStar: A New Marc U*Star Program at the University of Florida


Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Type 1 Diabetes and Biomedical Engineering

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Type 1 Diabetes and Biomedical Engineering was established in 2017 to prepare PhD trainees to address the ever-growing needs of the diabetic population for therapies & devices.

Breathing Research and Therapeutics (BREATHE)


Training Program for Applied Research and Development in Genomic Medicine


Training Program in Chemosensory Science


Translational Science Training to Reduce the Impact of Alcohol on HIV Infection


Clinical and Translational Pre-Doctoral Training in Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias


Translational Research Training on Aging & Mobility (TRAM)


Medicinal Chemistry Training Program