Data Coordinating Center

Design state-of-art of clinical trials, manage clinical trial data, implement innovative randomization systems, and facilitate secure data sharing among researchers with the CTSI Data Coordinating Center’s team of experienced professionals.


Clinical Trial Design

Professional clinical trial design for research studies. Services include designing experiments, calculating sample sizes, implementing randomization procedures, developing statistical analysis plans, and performing data analysis.

Clinical Trial Data Management

Professional, secure data management services for research studies. Services include SFTP upload and download, access and identity management, database development, secure web-based data capture, paperless electronic forms, data quality monitoring, and API integration.

Privacy-preserving Medical Data Sharing

Secure, privacy-preserving medical data sharing services for research studies. This service can transform different types of sensitive data to allow for sharing while maintaining privacy.

Educational Opportunities

The Data Coordinating Center is committed to providing educational opportunities to the clinical research community at UF through short courses, workshops, and seminars in conjunction with the Department of Biostatistics and the CTSI.

Data Coordinating Center Leadership

Data Coordinating Center Director

Samuel Wu, PhD

Research Interests: Clinical Trial Design, Simultaneous Statistical Inference, Data Privacy Technologies

Dr. Samuel Wu


Our mission is to enable collaborative biomedical research by providing infrastructure and support in innovative clinical trial design, high quality data management, and advanced data privacy technologies.


George Lou, PhD

Research Professor, Biostatistics

Dr. George Lou

John Kairalla, PhD

Associate Program Director and Research Associate Professor, Biostatistics

Dr. John Kairalla

Qinglin Pei, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Biostatistics

Dr. Qinglin Pei

Rong Zhang, PhD

Senior Lecturer, CISE

Picture of Dr. Rong Zhang

Yichao Yu, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Biostatistics

Dr. Yichao Yu

Yan Wang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology

Dr. Yan Wang

Ruogu Fang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Picture of Ruogu Fan


name Title
Brian LaBarre, MS Data Manager
Justin Yang, MS Data Manager
Yue Wu, MS Data Analyst
Yunfeng Dai, MS Data Analyst


Chen Bai, MS
Natalie DelRocco, MS
Hanzhi Gao, MS
Guanhong Miao, MS
Yuting Yang, MS

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